Notes: Dec. 6th, 2013

8 folks were on hand for our Anti-Oppression Forum meeting last Friday at the African Roots Library in the Family Partnership Center, Poughkeepsie. These are my notes from the meeting. -Schuyler


-We will make 4 separate banners out of the large sheet brought in by Sharon. Sharon will dye the banners black before using white spray paint to decorate. 

-Ryan will create a Facebook page and Schuyler will write a blog post to publicize our concert fundraiser for Earth First! on January 21st.

-Jared will reach out to student organizations to endorse/participate in the Earth First! concert

-Ryan will look into Ustreaming the concert

-We should consider a film screening for a future action. As “homework,” collective participants are encouraged (by Ryan) to watch Home, a film about the destruction of the ecosystem. If we like it, that’ll be the film we show for movie night. 

-Schuyler will set up a Youtube page for the collective so that we can utilize best utilize video media. 

-We will host opinion pieces/debates on this blog


-Holiday direct action: Food Not Bombs outside Mayor Tzcick’s restuarant? Radical caroling?

-Nelson Mandela memorial event

-Metro-North train accident: What are its implication for worker/passenger safety?


December 15 @2:00 PM: Icarus Project radical mental health meeting at Panera Bread, 2020 South Road, Poughkeepsie NY

-December 16 @7:00 PM: Last Poughkeepsie City Council meeting of the year—opportunity to oppose city bus privatization! 


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