Good Reads: 10/22/14

There’s been a lot of stuff out there that I’ve been wanting to post to this blog but haven’t gotten a chance to, so I thought a weekly roundup of noteworthy articles might be a good project to start. This list is not by any means exhaustive, so please drop us a comment with other interesting/important articles & petitions! Anti-Oppression Forum folks are working on publishing our first ever zine, Wildcat, so I’ll be sure to post all the original content from that when it’s out in early November. -Schuyler


Why is the World Ignoring the Revolutionary Kurds in Syria? by David Graeber, The Guardian

The Struggle for Kobane: An Example of Selective Solidarity by Leila al Shami,

Call for Solidarity with Kobane by Gezi Platform NYC,

Syrian Refugees

Take Action: Tell Europe to Resettle More Syrian Refugees, The Syria Campaign


UN Officials ‘Shocked’ by Detroit’s Mass Water Shutoffs by Laura Gottesdiener, Al Jazeera America


Prominent Palestinian Activist Convicted of Obstructing Israeli Military by Renee Lewis, Al Jazeera America


Take Action: Tell U.S. to Stop Opposing UN Resolutions on Depleted Uranium in Iraq, Roots Action