Next Meeting: Sunday @4:30 in New Paltz

Hey, everyone! The Anti-Oppression Forum will be having our next meeting on Sunday, September 7th @4:30 PM at The Cafeteria Coffee House, 58 Main Street in New Paltz. Hope you can make it! 

New Paltz: Celebrate a Revolutionary July 4!

via Drone Alert Hudson Valley

According to the Declaration of Independence, all people have unalienable rights, and the role of government is to secure these rights for the governed. Government is consensual, and when government fails to fulfill its function and obligation of securing these rights, the people can exercise their right “to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, organizing… in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

So, in light of governmental policies of water, air, earth, and food poisonings on massive scales; crushing student debt; military attacks on civilians at home and abroad; unaffordable education, healthcare, child and eldercare; concerted legalized attacks on people because of their demographics (being female, dark skinned, Muslim, etc); debtors’ prisons; comprehensive surveillance, etc—how do YOU think our government is doing?

Let’s rally for our rights and network with each other on Independence Day Friday, July 4 in New Paltz starting at noon in the Peace Park behind Village Hall. We’ll assemble, hold a sidewalk march on Main St, rally in front of Elting Library, people’s mic(rophone) part of the Declaration of Independence, sing some songs (Pete’s spirit lives!), and return to Peace Park for a General Assembly. Stay afterwards for a picnic in Peace Park if you’d like—BYO food and supplies. Bring signs—which right or cause would you like to feature? Bring pipes, drums, and other musical instruments.

Weather forecast is favorable, but rain date is Sat. July 5 starting at 4 pm (Not noon!).

Event initiated by Drone Alert Hudson Valley & co-sponsored by the Anti-Oppression Forum, the New Paltz Climate Action Coalition, & Hudson Valley Earth First! Other progressive, rights-affirming groups are very welcome to join in.

Contact: Call Andrew at (845) 699-3051